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Hand Tooled Flat Wall Finishes

Our expert finishers have created hundreds of thousands of smooth finished wall finishes using the shotcrete installation process. Our shotcrete flat wall experience ranges from sponge/wood float finishes on 55’ plus high subterranean shoring walls and large hillside retaining walls, to one-sided structural commercial building walls. All our finishes follow the class A standards and include steel trowel and broomed finishes.

Specialty Finishes

Our artisans with 2 million plus finishing experience install our one of a kind hand-muraled finishes. These detailed shotcrete finishes are created to resemble an artistic design, idea, or whimsical pattern. These finishes are non-repetitive and are in most cases much more economical than custom form liner finishes. Whether its blowing leaves in autumn, a silhouette of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or Humpback whales jumping in the Pacific Ocean, The Shotcrete Company can produce that one of kind finish for your next project.

Concrete Staining

Our expert staining artisans with over 5 million square feet of installation experience match and create hundreds of color schemes that are applied over our geological, masonry, flat wall, and hand-muraled shotcrete finishes. The use of cementitious reactionary and non-reactionary stains allow us to blend and create almost any color scheme that can have color retention life-expectancies of over 50 + years.

Shotcrete Winterization Tenting

Needing your structural and architectural shotcrete placed during the cold season, not a problem. Our experienced craftsmen create from simple heated substrate blanketing systems to large 50’ high fully-tented and heat-monitored shotcrete enclosures. So if your schedule mandates your shotcrete walls being installed in the colder months, we can build a shotcrete winterization system for you. Our simple systems can work in 40º and falling temperatures in areas such as New York or more elaborate systems in -10º Temps at elevation of 11,000 plus feet in the mountains of Colorado. We have the system that fits.


Our installers have decades of experience in reinforcement installation for soil nail walls, tie-backs, soldier pile, caisson, one-sided forms, and secant walls. Our installers can complete and finish your reinforcement needs, accurately and on-time.

Shotcrete Wall Forming

Our form work installers have installed miles of form work for one-sided shotcrete walls, top-of-wall back forming for soil nails, soldier pile, and tieback wall systems. With most of our shotcrete form work material in stock, we can skillfully install and remove our forming fast and economically.

Back of Wall Drainage Ditches

Our hand-finished drainage ditches are designed and installed to meet City, County and Government specifications. Our ditches are installed in Type A style or commonly known as “V-ditches”. Type B style which is a “U” shaped ditch with usually a high up-hill shoulder.

Type C style which are usually wider “V ditches” with one interior wall being more laid back. And finally Type D style which is a wider “U” shaped ditch and usually includes a heavier reinforced uphill shoulder. All drainage ditches come with broom finished interior walls and shoulders and can be integrally colored or stained to match the existing rock or topsoil in the area.



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